Sunday, August 16, 2015

TCC Launch in Umzinto!

This is for u!
Counting down to
The Launch of
The Chef's Choice Brand of Products

Venue: 575 Mpiti Drive,Kadiva Heights,Umzinto
Time: 11-30am to 1pm
Date: Saturday, 22 August
NX Ladies!! this is ur chance to view, taste and buy/order our products!
What we have to offer:
-Thaw and bake croissants
-Thaw and serve choc cream puffs and eclairs
-Checkout our Wonder Dough and y we call it the wonder dough ...
-Milac Gold Cream. -Freshly ground spices and spice blends
-Farm fresh honey
-Kumquat and lemon pickles
And more!
There will be limited stocks on sale.
If u wish to pre-order pls do so, to avoid disappointment!
For more info contact:
Aabidah Vahed on:
Cell/whatsapp: 0739478627
Bb pin: 76222B5B

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